Enjoy Outdoor Seating at The Rosevine Hotel Restaurant

Nourishment & Rejuvenation By the Sea

Nestled along the beach on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, The Rosevine Hotel boasts an exquisite dining experience that masterfully blends culinary excellence with the beauty of the Cornish Coast. Our restaurant at The Rosevine Hotel offers the best in fine dining and outdoor seating overlooking Gerrans Bay, inviting you to savour delectable cuisine amidst the soothing ambience of the sea. Treat yourself to a unique fine dining experience that embraces the seaside and satisfies your palate with a full range of flavours.

Acclaimed Dishes, Breathtaking Views

Our restaurant at The Rosevine is renowned for delivering an unforgettable culinary experience. Visitors to this intimate spot on the bay are treated by talented chefs and artfully curated menus celebrating the finest locally sourced produce. With an array of creative menu options and a commitment to culinary innovation, every dish is an exquisite testament to the flavours of the local region.

Dining in our outdoor seating area elevates your meal to new heights. As you enjoy the cuisine, the soothing backdrop of the seaside nourishes the senses, magnifying the experience and allowing you to delight in the moment with friends or loved ones. The beach offers a breathtaking sensory journey amidst a picturesque setting, where fine dining and the wonders of nature unite.

A Commitment to Culinary Excellence

We are committed to delivering a culinary experience that leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds and your heart. The magic of our restaurant lies in the skills of our chefs and the enchanting advantage of luxury outdoor seating right on the coast, where every meal becomes a meaningful memory. You’ll find yourself surrounded by the captivating beauty of the bay and immersed in nature’s embrace. With every bite, you’ll connect with the sights and sounds of the sea, creating a memorable and rejuvenating dining experience.

The soft lighting and cosy arrangements provide the perfect ambience to savour moments of any special occasion. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, an anniversary celebration, or a gathering with loved ones, the outdoor seating at The Rosevine restaurant is the ideal setting.

The Finest Local & International Flavors

Every dish we serve at the Rosevine restaurant tells a story of the local heritage. Our chefs are passionate artisans dedicated to crafting culinary excellence, skillfully fusing Cornish ingredients to bring out the finest flavours from land to sea. Al fresco dining at The Rosevine means more than just enjoying a meal – the symphony of natural sounds merges with the vibrant colours of the coast, offering the perfect balance of intimacy and openness where time stands still and each moment becomes a cherished memory.

Make a Reservation at The Rosevine Restaurant Today

Our restaurant at The Rosevine Hotel invites you to settle in to our outdoor beachside seating, revel in the spectacular views, and enjoy a fine dining experience like no other. Come sip and savour the tastes of the finest Cornish cuisine! From afternoon tea and supper with the family to romantic getaways and private dinner events, The Rosevine restaurant is a fitting venue full of delights. Book your reservations today and gather at our seaside dining destination for exquisite food and immaculate views.

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